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You might be surprised to know that call girls also have boyfriends. Our lovely call girl Preeti who has a boyfriend and her boyfriend means everything to her. Our call girl Preeti loves her boyfriend very much. Our Neemrana call girl told us about a strange incident. She told me that I love my boyfriend more than my life, but my boyfriend cheats on me. There is a love story in which a call girl falls in love with a boy and at the same time the boy is cheating on her. Think how exciting this love story is and we are going to tell you this story. There is nothing in life that only boys cheat girls. Girls also cheat boys and this trend has become very common nowadays. Most girls cheat on boys. But this story is something else. Before listening to this story you have to think that a girl never comes to her happiness in which she has to take off her clothes in front of every person.

There is some compulsion in every girl, no one knows what compulsion can be, but yes compulsion is the reason for everyone, everyone needs money because in today's world money is the most important thing. Preity, a call girl who works in Neemrana escorts, loves a boy and feels that the boy also loves Preeti. Slowly, things start to grow in both. A few days later, when Preity feels that I should be with my boyfriend, then Preity tells her boyfriend that you can share a room with me. Preity's boyfriends also do not turn down Preity's offer.

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Preeti is very sad when she sees all this

Preeti is very sad, Preity had a doubt and was trying to lift the secret, now she pretended to sleep and slowly saw her lover's password. Preeti tried hard to take her lover's phone the next day, but it did not happen, her boyfriend was not leaving his phone alone even for a moment. Preeti finds a solution Neemrana Escorts. He told his lover. Today we will have a party. Her lover agreed. He started the party with Daru and Chicken. Preeti pretends to drink alcohol. His boyfriend Daru Peeta was playing songs in loud music. He was very funny. She also does not notice that Preity is not drinking Daru. Preeti continues her drama. Now it was too late, her boyfriend started getting drunk. Preeti asks her to drink some more, her lover refuses her but Preeti convinces her lover and forces him for two three packs. Her boyfriend did not know what was going to happen, so her boyfriend Daru drinks and later when Daru PK goes to sleep, her boyfriend Preeti slowly picks up her mobile and goes to the bathroom.

Now that her boyfriend is living with Preity, the two seem quite happy, slowly changing the behavior of her boyfriend, Preity thinks that maybe she will be in tension about something. Preeti sees that her boyfriend is constantly chatting on her phone, asks Preeti, "Who are you talking to constantly on your phone?" Preity's boyfriend says that he is chatting with his friend on WhatsApp. Preity believes in her but one day when Preity returns home from work, she sees that her boyfriend is chatting. Preeti feels that her boyfriend must be talking to her friends, so Preity ignores her and she opens the wardrobe to change clothes, there is a mirror in the cupboard. Preeti glances at her and suddenly Preity sees her boyfriend messaging her, before their phone shows a message that I love you and it is a picture of a heart, Preity says nothing. , She takes off her clothes and goes to the bathroom.

Preity's boyfriend was a very clever person

But her boyfriend is a very clever person. He deleted all the chats. Preeti kept checking her WhatsApp continuously but she could not find anything. He looked at the pictures on mobile, he could not find anything. Now Preeti was getting very upset and thinking that she had seen the message with her eyes, then the message went where Preeti braved a little and called one of her friends. He told her everything he said to me that I saw the message on WhatsApp with my eyes but now there is no such content inside it. His friend told him that if you need an old backup, you will get it. Preeti immediately nodded and her friend explained to her how the old backup was done. Her friend kept telling her and she would backup the same way. Preeti noticed that her boyfriend regularly talks to several girls every day and tells everyone that I love you. Seeing all this Neemrana call girl, Preeti got very angry. Now Preeti has decided that she will no longer be in this house, so she packed all her clothes and she left the house at night and she never spoke to her boyfriend again.


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